New Year's Resolutions

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I have been thinking a lot about my New Year's Resolutions these last couple of weeks, both personal and for business. Personally, I thought that I shouldn't plan any resolutions because I always go gung-ho about it and then quit after a couple weeks. So I didn't make any, and here I am a couple weeks later still thinking about it. 

For my business I haven't been able to turn my brain off. I have had so many great and big ideas for my business this year, it was just one great idea after another. But the more I thought about it, the more reality snuck up on me and finally smacked me square in the face. Who has time for all this?? As a new mother, a wife, and a business owner with a second part time job, who the hell has time?!?! Definitely not me. 

Well reality and I had a nice little talk this morning. More like me sobbing, then laughing, then sobbing again, thinking about all I wanted to do and all I really had time and money for. I wanted to make this business successful, popular, and a financial support for my family. And I wanted it NOW! Unfortunately, my heart is truly somewhere else.

I'm a mommy.

And I love being a mommy. 

With that said, my only New Year's Resolution for my business is to think like a mommy would. My passion in photography has grown toward children and families. I love watching families interact and love on each other. I love capturing their smiles and laughter. I love watching little ones grow. But there is one thing about my business that makes me sad...

Where are those photos now?

How many of my clients actually printed those photos and hung them on their wall to look at over and over, and smile every time? I know a few who have, and that makes me so, so happy! But I want to make sure ALL of my clients are enjoying their photos. This is the mommy in me not wanting any moment to pass by unnoticed, be taken advantage of, or to be forgotten. 

For the Year 2013, here is what I want you to walk away with from your photo session with me: 
1. To not break the bank
2. Hard copies of your memories

For 2013, I am making a Push for Prints. No more just handing out disks full of images you hide away in a desk or bookshelf and never look at again. I want you to walk away with that perfect photo to hang right on your wall when you get home. A photo of your little one's perfect and innocent features, or a group shot of the joy you experience when spending time with the people you love. 

All sessions for 2013 will now additionally include a $25 print credit for you to get a head start on getting memories hung on your walls! Mommies (& Daddies) enjoy these moments while you can, they go by way to fast!
[Just a reminder, prices have changed for 2013, but don't worry, it's not too much]

Okay back to the personal resolution. I mentioned before that I had so many big plans for my business, plans that would take a lot of time away from being a mommy and a wife. My personal New Year's Resolution is to do only one thing at a time. Right now I have so many things on my plate that just keep piling up and keeping me from spending quality time with my handsome boy who grows more every day, and with my adoring husband who is even busier than I am. My family will always come first; everything else comes one at a time

I need to prioritize better. I need to finish projects. I need to not start new ones until the old ones are completed.


Many things will be happening for our family this year. Some great, some nerve-wracking. But no matter what, I want to enjoy my family and my job. I don't want to be stressed every day trying to make my business a money maker, or because I haven't been spending time with my family. I want every day to bring me the joy from doing what I love and spending time with my Loves.


Happy New Year (uh...21 days late, I suppose)! I hope your resolutions are going well.
But most of all, I hope you are enjoying what you love

Tribute to 2012

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Happy New Year!

2012 was an amazing year for JKH Photography, now known as Justine Kathryn Photography! I had so much fun meeting new families and sharing in memories, and I look forward to an even better year for 2013!

To celebrate a wonderful 2012, I am opening a giveaway for a free 11x16 framed print! All you have to do is vote for the winner!

If you had a photo session with me in 2012, you are a contestant in the giveaway/contest and have a chance to win!
I have chosen my favorite shot from each session, the photo with the most votes (aka: "likes" via Facebook) will be the winner and that photo will be the winning print, awarded to the family. 

Here is a slideshow of the photos, but you must go to my Facebook page to cast your vote! Gain more votes by sharing with your family and friends and asking them to vote for your photo too! 
Find the contestant photos here: 2012 Favorites Giveaway

This giveaway will stay open until 4 PM on Wednesday, January 8th. The photo with the most votes wins!

Ready, Set....Go!






November 26, 2012  •  7 Comments

JKH Photography is going through the process of changing it's business name to Justine Kathryn Photography. More changes are coming too: new logo & web design, new packages, print options, and more!

In honor of this change, and getting the word out, I thought we should do a giveaway for our Facebook fans only*
Help me get to 500+ fans!


Here are the Giveaway Details:

Step 1: Login to Facebook and share my page's URL on your wall:
(Let them know about the giveaway and how they can enter to win too!)

Step 2: Go to my Facebook page, and post a comment about how you shared my page with your friends.

Step 3: Come back to this post and leave a comment, to let me know you completed steps 1 & 2!
(I will not include you in the running, unless you make sure to leave a comment on this post! Don't forget!!)


On Friday, Dec 14th at 5 PM (PST), I will post the winner of this giveaway!
Here is what you are entering to win**:

5x7 Luxe Frame


8x10 Print Wrap

You get to pick!


Both of these framing options will soon be available with Justine Kathryn Photography's session packages! Details coming Jan 1, 2013!



*If you are not already a fan on Facebook, please "Like" my page here:
**Winner will choose between a 5x7 Luxe frame or 8x10 print wrap, with an image of their choice (personal photo or taken by Justine Kathryn). Cannot be exchanged, returned, or shared.


Black Friday Specials!

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Photo Challenge : Painting with Light

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I recently joined a group of local photographers, and they put on a weekly photo challenge. This week's challenge was to paint an object with light. I have never done anything like this before, but I have seen some great photograph's from people who have it mastered. It can create a really cool effect if you go even further than what I did for this challenge.

Here are the three images I used:

It was tricky trying to get the one of my son while he was sleeping, but I managed.

If you are a photog or just like trying new things, please feel free to try this out and share your photo! I would love to see your work too!

Have a great Thanksgiving I must get back to editing all my family sessions.

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