Happy 2nd Birthday!

JKH Photography is 2 Years old!

It has been such a wonderful two years in this business, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

To celebrate I will be giving free shipping for any online print orders. Just use the code: FREESHIP when placing your order! (See below for gallery expiration update)

Online galleries will now have an expiration date! All sessions that took place before April 2012 will expire on July 31, 2012. If you have been holding off on ordering your prints, please make sure to place your order now!

All May 2012 and future sessions will have their galleries open for up to 3 months. I will send you a reminder when your gallery is about to expire, that way you don’t forget to place your order.

JKH Photography


Personal Update

Hello friends and fans!

I just wanted to give a little update for those who care to read:

As some of you know, I recently had my son (now 5 months old!! Where is the time going??). I have also been trying to juggle my Recycle Me Lovely, JKH Photography, TMCC office job, plus being a wife, mom, crafter and trying to keep my life and home organized. This is a lot to have on one plate and I have done some thinking and discussing with the hubby, and I need to cut something out. With so many things to have to worry about, I am not giving 100% in the areas that matter.

Sooo…It has been decided to place Recycle Me Lovely on a hiatus until for undetermined amount of time. Maybe I will come back to it in a couple months, or maybe not for a couple years. I don’t know, but I do know that while I enjoy my recycled creations, I just don’t have the time needed to make a successful business out of it. With that said, I am happy to make jewelry and accessories in my spare time and for fun. No business, no marketing, no stress. If you want something handmade by me, just ask!

My job goals then, will be to put all my time and energy into my photography business. My ultimate goal will be to quit my TMCC job and just have my photography. Unfortunately, due to budget reasons, I cannot do that just yet. But it’s a goal! I also plan on cutting out a few personal hobbies in order to do this. I have been spending a lot of time in my new craft room these days, and I will now plan to spend that time studying, researching, marketing, and planning new ideas for my photography business. Photography is definitely a HUGE love of mine, and I want my work to be my absolute best. I don’t feel like this is happening when I have too many other things to worry about. I also have a few changes in mind for my photography business, which may or may not include the following:
– New website design
– New photography packages 
– New prices
– New print options
– New Mini Session deals
– More blog posts
– All around a more cohesive and simple photography business!

Above all, being a wife and mommy comes first. Spending time with and taking care of my family will always be my full time job. So, while I will put a lot of time into my photography business, I will not do so at the expense of my family.

I feel so much relief just announcing this. Such a HUGE weight being lifted off my shoulders. Ahhh… 

So keep an eye out for the new changes to JKH Photography.
And try not to miss Recycle Me Lovely too much 😉


First Year Packages

Little Kaiden was my first client to be photographed for his first year! I had so much fun watching him grow, from a little bean into a happy little munchkin!

First Year Packages are wonderful baby shower gifts! I now offer baby bump photos in the package as well! One hour at each stage for only $350 (you save $150!)

Call or email to schedule a First Year Package, or to purchase a gift certificate!

New: “The Vow”

I would like to introduce to you JKH Photography’s limited addition session: “The Vow”

– 1-2 hours of photography
– Custom made photo album
– Digital disk of fully edited photos
– Wedding attire absolutely encouraged!
– On location where you got married, or somewhere new!

This is the perfect session for bride and grooms who either weren’t happy with the way their weddings photos turned out, or who were unable to get any professional shots done on their wedding day.

If this is you, why not “renew” your vows and come get some professional photos of the two of you in a relaxed, low-key setting. Come in your dress and tux, or dress up in something new! Photos can be done at the location of your choice, or even where your wedding took place (traveling fees may be applied).

This session will only be available in 2012, so make sure you book yours now!

*This session cannot be used for day-of wedding photos. Photos will be of bride and groom only, no family or wedding party.

Back in Business!

Happy New Year…well a month late.

I justed wanted to update you now that I am back from my maternity leave. First things first: meeting my handsome son!


I will now be booking all 2012 sessions, and will be offering some great deals this Spring, so keep your eyes out for that.

Don’t forget that February is a Fundraiser month for the Carpenter Family as they try to adopt! Contact me ASAP to book your session.

Valentine sessions make perfect gives for your spouse or for your kiddos grandparents, and you only have two weeks until then. If you book a Valentine session before February 6th, you will receive a $25 print credit, so call me!